Enhancing Paper Machine Efficiency and Production Stability: Introducing XRC ProRun 1 Runnability Components

In the papermaking industry, the importance of runnability components cannot be overstated. These components play a crucial role in ensuring stable and efficient production processes.
In the past, some misconceptions prevailed regarding the significance of runnability devices, often considering them as minor machine parts. However, it has become evident that such notions are incorrect. Both customers and suppliers have sometimes failed to recognize the vital role of runnability devices, which has led to challenges in conveying their importance to all stakeholders involved.

At Sunnea Oy, we firmly believe in the criticality of runnability devices for achieving optimal and energy-efficient production. Runnability problems can result in substantial production losses and wasted energy if the wrong components are chosen or if maintenance and management of the runnability systems are neglected.

To address these issues, we are proud to introduce our innovative runnability solution, the “XRC ProRun 1”. This concept is based on a blowing principle that ensures low energy consumption while providing efficient tail threading support, maintaining paper stability throughout the process. Moreover, the XRC ProRun 1 offers easy and comprehensive maintenance options, whether during machine operation or during stoppages.

Experience has consistently shown that regular servicing and maintenance of runnability components significantly enhance their performance, minimizing paper breaks, reducing time wasted on tail threading, and optimizing grade changes. By implementing our runnability solution, you can effectively mitigate unnecessary production costs, achieve greater operational efficiency, and maximize your productivity.

Feel free to contact Sunnea Oy for more information and embrace the power of reliable runnability components for a seamless and cost-effective papermaking process.


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