Introducing XRC-Runnability Concept Management: Sunnea Oy’s Comprehensive Approach to Runnability of Paper Machines

XRC – Runnability Concept Management is a comprehensive approach to managing the performance and lifecycle of runnability boxes or devices in a paper machine. It recognizes that runnability is not solely determined by the individual boxes themselves but involves a broader process of ensuring optimal performance throughout the entire lifecycle of these devices.

While runnability boxes play a crucial role in maintaining the runnability of a paper machine, runnability management goes beyond the hardware aspect. It encompasses various factors such as conceptual solutions, problem-solving approaches, service, follow up and the overall optimization of the runnability process.

For instance, in the context of creating underpressure in the drying pocket for web support, there may be multiple conceptual solutions available. These solutions could involve different techniques like air blowing or sucking to achieve the desired underpressure level. Although the underpressure number may be the same, the energy consumption or cost associated with each technique may vary.

Furthermore, the XRC-Runnability concept acknowledges that the performance of runnability devices will degrade over time. It emphasizes the importance of maintenance, periodic inspections, and timely replacement of consumable parts to sustain the performance of the runnability devices.

By monitoring the performance of runnability devices and taking proactive measures to address any degradation or malfunctioning, runnability management aims to sustain and enhance the overall performance of the paper machine.

In summary, Sunnea’s runnability concept management involves a holistic approach to managing runnability, encompassing both hardware and process-related aspects. It emphasizes the optimization of runnability devices and solutions throughout their lifecycle, ensuring continuous and efficient operation of the paper machine.

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