Making a small step for the humankind but for sure a big step for Sunnea Oy

Adj. Prof. Dr. Nenad Milosavljevic, eMBA

Managing Director

Today, April 15, 2021, we are making a small step for the humankind but for sure a big step for Sunnea Oy. I have a privilege to inform you that we are coming public with Sunnea web page,


Today our dream becomes thru. Sunnea is a small company existing for 10 years, but from the beginning of the years, the curse of the company has changed 360°degrees. Sunnea Oy is a Finnish Consulting and Engineering company responsible for the Air Systems, Drying, and Runnability of Paper, Board, and Tissue Machines.  I would like to give overview on the existing market situation in the world and then to explain how Sunnea can be helpful to our customers to improve and solve their problems and increase efficiency.

The boom of the huge super-machines died to the constant overcapacity in printing grades of paper. This has caused a still-lasting cost crisis among paper producers. Investments are at a very low level and only necessary improvements with short payback are made. The market of new machines is on a low level and the business is in the cost efficiency increasing improvements. The market crisis caused a cost crisis also to the major machine manufacturers and they have concentrated on cost-cutting. The system development has been practically stopped and the biggest actors on the market are now offering energy-saving models and equipment modifications. Big companies with high overhead costs are not surviving by selling small rebuilds. This can be an opportunity for small, fast, and flexible companies with a reasonable overhead cost. In this market situation, the main points are production cost reduction, energy saving and the use of cheaper materials. These kinds of improvements are often done with commonly available components and materials. The role of the component products has strongly decreased mainly because the old products do not fit the new situation and the low-price level has strongly reduced the R&D investments.

Sunnea is offering a new model of “Let’s work together” with the customers in the paper industry to solve paper machine problems and develop customer’s own products and processes. We are offering so-called internal “tailor-made cooperation” only for the specific customer ‘s needs.

The goal of Sunnea should be to improve the customer’s efficiency process and support customers with long-term cooperation. Without innovation, the company will not be able to follow fast market requirements and can be disrupted by small and start-up companies.

Being close to the customers makes Sunnea employees aware of customers’ challenges and needs in frequent contact with them but our mission is “Working together” with our customers and grow with them.

Sunnea strength lies in a deep understanding of customer’s processes. Besides the conventional words such as courage, vision, purpose, passion we would like to build our company with trust, compassion, and stability. Trust relates to honesty, respect, integrity, honors.

We would like to take the role of being a small supplier with efficient, fast, mobile, agile, and highly know-how skills. Our technical knowledge, work experience, and new business knowledge make us believe that we can fulfill our business goal and become a significant factor in servicing customers in areas of Air Systems, Drying, and Runnability of Paper, Board in Tissue Machines.  We want to put our effort into creating a company environment that is safe, transparent, and secure fosters confidence.

There are several small know-how companies with their own networks of individual professionals offering development services together in the field of the process industry.  Sunnea should be a hub for collecting those networks and together with the own know-how, reputation, and references, create a new agile partner for overtaking market leadership in Air Systems, Drying, and Runnability Systems and Service.

Thank you very much for today’s cooperation and for the future cooperation. We can cope with the existing situation, and we can be more efficient if we work together.

So, Lets work together!

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